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Man Wan Chop Lion, But Na Lion Chop Am Last Last


One day bush meat go catch the hunter! Na the lyrics of one song wey resemble happen for the tori wey i wan jist una now.

One man wey be suspected poacher don enter one chance wen the lion wey hin wan kill sharp pass am, con use am do asun instead.
This tori happen for Kruger National Park for South Africa for monday. Police wey reach the place wey the thing happen (because me i no wan be night food for one hungry lion) talk say na small of the man body remain.
Dem talk say dem see the remaining part of hin body for bush last weekend for the park wey dey near Hoedspruit for northern province of Limpopo, area where people dey kill wild animal pass.
“E be like say the guy dey try kill animal for the park wen the lions see am con use am do night food. Dem chop almost all hin body, wey be say na like only hin left hand small small body remain” Limpopo Police spokesman talk.
Last year, dem poison plenty lions for dat area and dem cut the head and leg commot. Dem dey use am do jazz.
Bush meat don catch dis hunter


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