Home News Meet Maryam Abiola 20 Years Old Female Cultist Wey Don Confess

Meet Maryam Abiola 20 Years Old Female Cultist Wey Don Confess


A 20-year-old girl confess say na she be killer wey dey the dreaded Eiye confraternity for Lagos State, Mariam Abiola, don share more details after police operatives don arrest her for Ilasamaja area of the state.

Maryam claim say she run commot from house because of poverty. She talk say; “After my secondary school for Abeokuta, I start to dey sell water and other things with my mama. She tell me make I do quick marry and the man wey wan marry me na old man. My girlfriend wey dey stay Lagos come back to Abeokuta to come see her parents. She tell me make I follow her go Lagos and without telling my mama, I follow her come Lagos.

“As I dey enter Mushin, I discover say I still have to hawk make I survive. The other option na make I dey sleep with men for money.

I get small body and men no like me so much. They go sleep with me come dey tell me stories. Unfortunately, I come meet Sodiq when I visited Ilasa with my girlfriends. He convince me say make I join them, say I go make good money. Dem carry us go their herbalist and we come take oath. Him come teach us how to use the gun. Him tell me say all the people we go kill na bad people. I never see N10, 000 for my life, so I been ready to do anything to make that money.”

When Sodiq confronted her him talk say dem never meet, she come laugh tell am say. “Brother Sodiq, you no fit deny me. Your mama dey sell Agbo (herbal medicine) on your street. Na inside your house you teach three of us how to shoot. Na you talk say since I dey wear hijab say nobody go suspect say I be killer even if dem catch me for the scene. You still talk say I get small stature say people go believe say I am 20 years old. It don happen, denying me no go solve your problem, Brother Sodiq.”

According to Maryam, her first victim ma woman. “The first person wey I kill na one woman wey dey live for Hassan area, close to Ilasa. Sodiq talk say the woman dey evil and need to die. I come enter her house for  night and kill her while she been dey sleep with her children. By the time people go hear the gunshot, I done leave left place and return the gun to Sodiq. I even go back to the house to make sure say she no survive. That night Sodiq gave me N10, 000.

When dem ask her if she know say na crime to kill, Maryam say yes. “Sodiq explain to me sa killing a cult member is no be crime. He assure me say all the persons wey I kill na cult members who deserve to die.”


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