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Nigeria Senate’s Wan Change ‘Colonial Law’ Police Dey Use Operate


Nigerian Senate on Wednesday, say dem go within di next two weeks, pass di police reform bill for di kontri into law.

Senate President, Bukola Saraki, ask di lawmakers to do sharperly-sharperly so dat di bill go become law.

“Di Police Reform Bill wey we don carri come, suppose don go for public hearing and become law by now,” im tok.

“E mention di kain tins wey dey needed to make Nigerian Police Force professional,” Saraki tok.

Things to sabi about di police reform bill

  • Dem go create Community Police and Boards for all di States of di Federation wey go get pipo of di community and di state to ensure community policing
  • Dem go create independent join-bodi wey go receive and torchlight complaints against police officers 
  • Dem go create ogbonge and modern police wey go follow how police dey do for democratic setting for oda areas of di world
  • Dem go modernize Nigeria Police Force to protect lives and properties of citizens
  • Dem go put law for record keeping by police and to make sure say citizens no suffer anyhow for di hand of police officers
  • Dem go create guide on how police suppose operate for Nigeria. Dis guide go be about accountability, and transparency; protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms etc
  • Dem wan check how police officers dey take use dia weapons. Di Bill go make sure say dem hold police and police officers for everi tin wey dem do especially arrest and detention of pipo and searches.


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