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Obaseki don warn Oshiomole make hin behave and make hin dey guided or dem go expel am comot for APC


Edo State Govnor, Godwin Obaseki don threaten say hin go expel Adams Oshiomole comot for d Party if him no change and make hin know wetin hin dey do.

Obaseki bin yarn dis wan, wen hin take meet APC chairman for 18 Local Government Areas wey dey d state.

D Govnor yarn say Oshiomole no go fit accept d kain behaviour wey hin dey make from anybodi. Obaseki bin tell d Chairmen dem say make dem deal wit anybodi or group wey wan do wetin d Party Leadership no support.

“Dis no be party man, see d kain dump wey hin keep d party as secretariat, wit all d kain resources wey we get, him no even support us, until d Landlord take evict us”

“We dey warn d Suspended National Chairman say if hin continue hin activities I go show am say na me b Govnor for d state, becos when hin be Govnor hin no tolerate all d kain tins wey hin dey do now, and if hin come here come do anyhow, I go deal with am”

“Comrade Oshiomole dey suspension and if hin no dey careful, we go expel comot for d party”


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