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Goment Lie-lie Na Im Make Us Boo President Buhari – Nigerian Lawmaker


No be small drama happun on Wednesday wen Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari dey present di 2019 spend moni give both Senate and House of representative members inside di National Assembly.

Some lawmakers dey shout ‘boo’ ‘boo’ ‘woo’ ‘woo’ while some odas dey clap and hala ‘sai baba’ and all dis noise come make di parliament dey like market wey yawa don gas.

Kingsley Chinda Ogundu from PDP wey dey represent Obio/Akpor local goment for Rivers State, tell BBC Pidgin say plenti tins na im fit make lawmakers begin shout wen di president dey present di budget.

“Wen e begin call project wey dem don complete, some of di places wey we sabi say dem neva complete dat project fit make pipo say ‘No’ goment neva do dis one.

“For example, some of di road wey goment say dem don complete for my place na di Enugu – Port Harcourt road. Dat road na di worst road wey we get for Port Harcourt but goment dey claim say dem don complete am.

“Dis kain tin if pesin hear am, e fit make am vex, because goment no go come look dia area again as e be say e don already dey for paper say dem don complete am.”

Hon. Chinda explain say di president no fit dey everywia for di kontri at di same time and na pipo prepare dat paper give am, e fit feel say wetin dey inside dey correct but di shout go make am know say some of di tins inside no correct and im go return back go check di paper well. 

E add say no be President Buhari lie but na goment lie and di executive arm of goment no dey tok di whole truth, dem dey carri some lie mix di truth.

Oga Abdulrazak Namdes wey be spokesman of di House of Representative get different opinion about di whole mata.

Im tok say di whole shout-shout na politics but na di praise plenti pass di hala.

“Dis na election period, so naturally di lawmakers dey different political party. Those wey support di ruling party dey in support of di president and those for opposition dey against am.”

“Anoda reason be say some members don loss ticket and dem dey vex, some don defect from one political party go anoda and dem no fit get dia return ticket back and dem dey vex.”

Oga Namdes say upon everi-everi, di president really show say im na leader, because even wit messages wey say some pipo fit protest and some fit no come for di presentation, e still come on im own to present di budget. 

E say di hala no be beta behaviour wey suppose come from honourable members but di most important tin be say di president don present di budget and members of di national assembly need to begin work on am.


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