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John Mahama: NPP Gov’t Dey Lack Foresight, Dem Dey Suffer From Di Poverty Of Pragmatic Thinking


Former President John Mahama submit en nomination forms on Monday as Presidential aspirant for opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) for dema party headquarters.

Afta he submit di forms, Mr Mahama address en party pipo where he fire goment say dem dey suffer from di poverty of pragmatic ideas.”

Mr Mahama who speak for di International Trade Fair Center for Accra, explain say di New Patriotic Party make chaw promises which dem no dey fit honour, dem make di promises sake of dem want achieve some populist agenda. 

He use di healthcare system as example take explain say instead of say dem go prioritise di health sector, dem use di small money wey dey take buy medical drones which no dey reflect di needs of di Ghanaian pipo.

“I know say di NPP no go fit honour dema promises, but di way di country go back be unbelievable, sake of that we dey stand up, my people I make ready, I make very ready.”

Mr Mahama also add say one day when he come power, he go abolish goment en double track system which dey mess up secondary education for Ghana.


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