Home Politics “Nigeria 2019 Election Na Our Major Priority” – US Official

“Nigeria 2019 Election Na Our Major Priority” – US Official


Unites states of America say Nigeria election for 2019 na dia major priority sake of how important di kontri dey for di West Africa region.

Senior officials for US talk dis one as di Secretary of State Rex Tillerson enter Obodo Africa for im first visit ever.

As Nigeria go do election next year, tori be say Nigeria na “major priority purpose” because by 2050 Nigeria go be “di number three kontri for world with most population.”

Tillerson go meet Nigeria president Muhammadu Buhari and some other leaders from Chad, Ethiopia, Djibouti and Kenya for im visit.

US Department of State say, now wey more than twenty kontries get governemnt wey dia kontri people dem elect, em “hope” say none of dem go change government through coup or way wey dey illegal.


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