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Some Things You Need Know About Monkeypox


We been don tell una dis morning say Monkeypox don invade Bayelsa state com catch 10 people there. Dem d people wey e catch don de one side for Hospital there.

See some basic fact wey una supposed know about this monkeypox

1. The disease no too common like dat and na people wey de for West Africa and Central Africa wey e de catch pass. E no too de like that for oyinbo country.

2. Monkeypox virus fit make person die o.

3. Monkeypox resemble smallpox wey dem don remove but e no too wicked like smallpox

4. Na animal wey de bush dem de give people monkeypox and e no too common make people dem give people.

5. People wey de die pass for this monkey pox na people wey no too don old

6. Monkeypox no get cure for now and na 1%-10% of people wey e catch de die.

Una don see fact about monkeypox make una stay fine.


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