Home Entertainment SHOCKING!: Naked Woman Follow Man for Date and the Man no Notice

SHOCKING!: Naked Woman Follow Man for Date and the Man no Notice


Wonders no go ever end for this life wey we dey so. Shuu, which kind jazz this woman use wey the man no know say she dey naked?

Follow me make I yarn una the main tori.

The woman name na Joyce Dowell,  she be model and she go date with man for mall wey she no wear anything.

Well, e be like say she wear something na im make the man no take notice. But na paint she wear.

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Yes oo, e shock me too.  She call one body painter wey dem dey call Jen. Jen con paint her body make e be like say she dey wear cloth.

According to the pictures wey we see. She wear coat and shoe on top the paint but the man help her remove the coat when dem don enter the mall as all these oyinbo people dey do.

As God finally catch her, when dem finish dem dey leave the place. E con dey be like say rain wan fall.

Na im she con confess tell the man say na paint she dey wear make she no go embarrass herself if the rain start.

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Na pictures be this:


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