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The ‘soro soke’ generation don ‘soro soke’ on anoda mata and na #SayNoToSocialMediaBill, because d bill nor make any sense


The ‘Soro Soke’ generation, wey be young people in the last one month don shake dis kontri and d real change don dey shele small small, even though say for d fight to #EndSARS and to #EndPoliceBrutality some people die as d goment use Army kill some of dem, wey dey protest peacefully but youth nor go stop.

For Abuja #EndSARS protesters don enter street back.

One tin wey be say dis government wan use shut all dis wan up na with dia yeye social media bill wey dem wan create.

Imagine say with all d kain tins wey dey shele for dis Kontri, na Social media dey pain Naija government, sense dey dia?

ASUU don strike for months now, things dey cost anyhow, Army dey kill person anyhow and Na Social media dey pain dem?

You gats talk oooo!!!!

Well on top d #SayNoToSocialMediaBill mata, you fit join d trend on top Twitter and soro soke too, nor disguise at all


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