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UK Aid Don Donate 2.5m Dollars For Save Pikin Dia Lives For Northwest And Southwest Cameroon


UK Aid don donate 2.5m dollars as UK Minister for Africa, Harriette Baldwin say make deh try save pikin dia lives for Northwest and Southwest regions for Cameroon as fighting di so-so go before.

Just now UK Aid don already give 2million dollars for UNICEF weh deh go do de work for ground and de remaining half million deh go giveam afta.

Henriette Baldwin say UNICEF go give chop for 1,300 children weh deh fit die for kwashoko, drugs for treat pikin dem weh deh get malaria, diarrhoea, and problem for breath.

Deh go also give wata, hygiene kit and oda tins dem for 10,000 pipo, 2000 mosquito nets for prevent malaria, vaccinate 3500 pikin dem for measles, den check pikin dem weh deh no get support, helep dem. 

De situation for ground di so so bad, e hard for get chop and plenty pikin dem fit die.

“De pipo weh deh di live for some kana terrible condition for Northwest and Southwest regions plenty sotay deh fit count dem for thousands. We di call all parties for give support for helep save lives dem”, 

“Na pikin dem be more exposed and we go make sure say we give dem merecin, chop, wata and support weh deh need’am”, UK Minister for Africa tok.

Fighting for Anglophone regions between goment and separatist forces don make laik half a million pipo run house and village dem. 

Na about 437,000 pipo dem run go oda areas for Cameroon, for Nigeria, UNHCR don register 30,000 refugees.


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