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#NextLevel vs #TheAtikuPlan Which One Make Brain Pass?


Presidential candidates of two of Nigeria strongest political parties dem for Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari off di ruling APC and Atiku Abubakar of opposition PDP don release dia campaign focus for 2019 elections.

While President Buhari of APC say im market for 2019 election na to carri kontri pipo go di “Next Level”, Atiku plan na to “Get Nigeria Working Again.”

Inside im campaign promise, president Muhammadu Buhari sama, e tok small about di achievement of im administration based on im 2015 campaign promise ontop Security, Economy, Agriculture and Corruption

President Buhari tok say im administration go continue di work dem don start, do serious work for di Education sector where dem go 10,000 school evri year.

As for PDP presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar, im plan na to provide employment, attract investment, reduce poverty, support small, chikini business dem and restructure di kontri.

‘Next Level’ or ‘The Atiku Plan’?

Two political sabi pesin dem wey chook eye inside both President Buhari and Atiku plan dem tell BBC Pidgin how dem reason di two plan dem.

According to Malachy Ugwummadu, president Buhari for just focus on wetin im don do so far for office den allow Nigerians to judge, but as e dey, e just be like say di Presido don already win 2019 election.

“One of di main di main promise wey Buhari give Nigerians for 2015 na to make sure say Nigerians dey enjoy security, although im succeed to reduce di attack of Boko Haram anoda kain security mata herdsmen killi-killi don turn problem.” Na so Ugwummadu tok.

Ontop Buhari Education plan, Ugwummadu say, wetin go beta pass na for federal goment to do collabo wit state goment to get reach di 10,000 schools per year.

As for Human rights lawyer Libourous Oshoma, President Buhari plan disappoint am, im say im bin dey expect say Buhari plan go follow di manifesto wey dem show Nigerians for 2015 before dem begin dey tok about di next level.

“Di question we go ask everyday pipo na weda security don improve from 2015 to now, e bad sotay kidnapping don normal for Nigeria now, dii issue of boko haram too, everyday you hear boko haram ambush soldiers, as we dey tok, Leah Sharibu still dey dia hand , Chibok girls too meanwhile campaign slogan na to return dem” 

“10% of di first level never complete and dem dey tok next level” Na so Oshoma tok.

As for Atiku restructuring na one of im main plan, but how im wan make am happun na wetin dey give Oshoma concern.

“How dem go fit restructure Nigeria in 6 months, dem forget di role National Assembly go play for di mata, how e go do am to epp create job for grassroot level make state get independence and wetin go follow am and di power wey national assembly get.” Na wetin Oshoma tok.

Ugwummadu own na say before-before, Atiku bin belong wit goment wey no just dey hostile, but bin dey oppose to restructuring.” Im say na only wit time kontri pipo go take know wed aim serious wit di restructure tok abi all na just politics.


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