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Nollywood: Five People Wey Become Star From Pickin


US singer, Sia don come on top social media to talk about why she dey expose 15-year-old pickin dancer to di same show business wey she dey always hide face from. 

Di singer say she say she wan “empower” Maddie Ziegler wey dey follow her on tour (for stage) and for her music video, one of dem wey be “Chandelier.”

Dis one dey come after Guardian release tori wey di writer bin ask Sia why she go dey wear wig cover face but allow di pickin be di face of di show.

Di person write for di article say: “If fame dey bad as you dey talk, why you go allow pickin dey carry am?”

Sia agree well-well with everything wey di journalist talk and she say she dey keep regular meetings to see whether di girl dey okay with di fame.

But on top all di palava wey dey follow pickin celebrities like Lindsey Lohan wey bin act Parent Trap and Macaulay Caulkin wey bin dey Home Alone sotay dem get drugs problem, how e dey be for we pickin stars for Africa?

Five Child Stars for Nigeria and where dem dey now

Benita Okojie

She bin be gospel artist and people bin dey enjoy as she dey sing with her elder siblings dem wey be say dem dey mix Edo and Yoruba songs. 

She become popular when she sing ‘Osamudiamen,’ at di age of ten for 1998.

Right now, Benita don born her first pickin for October 2017 with her husband wey she marry on 16 November, 2016. 

For her career, di English graduate don get show wey she dey do with other women wey be like reality show and talk show with oda actresses.

Sharon Ezeamaka

She become popular when she get her first film role for “Narrow Escape” when she be just five years old.

Now, she don become big when she act for Soap Operas like ‘Dear Mother’ wey she do till she reach 18 years. 

For 2013, Ms Ezeamaka join di cast of Shuga wey be soap opera about HIV, and her name for di play na Princess.

William Uchemba

Williams Uchemba start im career for movies for early age where im gain popularity for films like ‘Beyond Belief’ and ‘The World of Riches.’

E recently come back as social media comedian wey popular sotay e carry am enter music with im popular catch phrase, “I don’t like what I hate.”

Olumide Owuro

Dis guy na better soap opera pickin. Im start im career as Wole Johnson for di popular TV series ‘Everyday People.’

Now e dey waka as character for Shuga, where im be Weki, pickin wey dem born with HIV. Owuro also get show wey im dey do wey be “The Johnsons.”

For June, im finish school for Babcock University, Nigeria, and e dey do im sevice year for di National Youth Service Corps.

Amarachi Uyanne

For 2012, eight years old Amarachi win di Nigeria Got Talent competition and for 2013, she come create one ‘Amarachi Dance’ wey create big excitement for social media. 

She still dey do music and dey dance as her business.

Dis people dey show say di fame fit affect you but only when di person let demself or whether na social media be di wahala.


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