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5 Ways To Take Survive Inside Lagos For Rainy Season


We all sabi say rain don start to dey fall now na.

Everybody don dey yarn how dey go just comot for house and before dem sabi am, cloud don change and everything don start to dey fall.

So, based on say we be correct people na, we don collate 5 ways to take survive inside Lagos for this rainy season.

Way 1: Comot For Lekki

Everybody don sabi say based on waterstics, Lekki no be anybody friend when water season don show like this na. If you want live long inside this Lagos wey we follow dey so, pack comot for Lekki.

Where make you pack go? No ask us, ask Kokun Foundation.

Way 2: Buy Portable and Foldable Umbrella

As this season don start so, rain go just start to dey fall yakata anywhere him belle face and nothing wey we all fit do about am o. As a man or woman wey sabi, buy umbrella join body and once you buy am na, dey keep am for your body or inside your car once you dey go anywhere.

This morning now, as I comot for house, nothing like say rain go fall for the next two weeks but e never reach 1 hour wey my friend don clear me say him no fit comot for him car sake of say rain wan tanda him life.

Way 3: Find Person Wey Go Dey Comot The Cold For Body

No talk say we no clear you how the matter dey be o. Once rain start to dey rain like this ehn, nothing wey no go dey do your body anyhow and you go always need person to take konji. Konji no be man thing o because feminists fit talk another thing now.

Both man and woman, cold go catch everybody this season, find person to take dey cure the konji.

Way 4: Become Governor of Lagos

We all sabi wetin dey sup with anybody wey be Governor na. You fit enter any corner anytime wey you like based on who you be. The first thing wey dey happen once rain fall for Lagos na traffic wey go fall enter everywhere. So everybody go dey inside the traffic, I remember say I don chyke one girl for Lagos traffic before, collect her number inside the traffic.

So if you want escpae the traffic, your easy way out na to just become Gomina foe inside Lagos state.

Way 5: Download any one inside all these Okada app wey don come out now

If you dey observe well well, you go see say some people don start to dey do Uber for Okada dem. Some na Gokada, MaxGo and others dem. So, inside this raining season, to take avoid the traffic wey go happen this period, download any of these applications so once you notice say something want shele, you go just carry yourself waka enter one Okada where.

Wetin you think say we suppose add for this list, write am for the comment make I hear.



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