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EXCLUSIVE!!! The Koko Story For Zimbabwe Wey People Never Talk


When dem rebels for Zimbabwe de fight say make British comot for dia country give dem independence, na Robert Mugabe be d main oga for the rebel. Their oga for ZANU militant side na Gava Vitalks Zvinavashe and him assistant na Constantino Chiwenga. Emmerson Mnangagwa na one of the senior men with Robert Mugabe that time.

So when British pack dia load wakar comot for Zimbabwe government house finally for 1980, Mugabe become oga Presido for Zimbabwe, Emerson Mnangagwa become oga Minister for State Security (Interior), Gava Vitalis Zvinavashe collect Oga for Army and Constantino Chiwenga come be him assistant.

When dem com do say make dem get Zimbabwe Defence, Mugabe com give Gava Vitalis oga for the whole Defence and Constantino com collect Army oga. In fact, when 2003 reach and Vitalis say him no wan do Defence oga again, na dat time dem com tell Constantino say make him com do oga for Zimbabwe Defence.

As time and years de wakar na so Mugabe de carry Emmerson Mnangagwa de wakar like Journey Walker for one ministry and another. But truth be say oga Emmerson Mnangagwa get mouth for Zimbabwe Defence because him coordinate dem when dem fight British and him still do State Security minister and Defence Minister work. Him do Minister of State Security, Defence, Finance, Oga Speaker For House of Assembly, Rural Development Minister and Vice Presido work before gbege burst for him and Mugabe head.

For 2005 na hin kasala first happen when Mugabe carry Mnangawa from him sweet position wey him sidon as Speaker to Housing minister. Mugabe do am because him wife wey come from nowhere, Grace Mugabe (person wey no even de wen dem start the whole arrangement), want be Presido and she and Mugabe de fear Mnangagwa because say himself wan be Presido. But after soldiers call Mugabe warn am say make him no try nonsense, na so Mugabe change Mnangagwa say make him go do Defence Minister. For 2014 Mugabe com tell am say make him con do Vice Presido so dat him go takeover when him tire or him die as hin de 90 years that time.

But Mugabe wife Grace wey na person wife before she carry belle for Mugabe no gree. She say she wan do President say make Mnangagwa go sidon one place. As dia gbege de happen, na so Mugabe vex say change mind say him want make Grace be Presido but Mnangagwa say e no go work. Na so Mugabe com say him don sack Mnangagwa as Vice Presido and na Grace wey be him wife him wan put.

This one provoke Army and the Defence, because na where Monkey work him supposed chop and Grace no work for the arrangement before dem get am for 1980.

General Constantino Chiwenga com warn Mugabe say make him use him brain or else dem go comot am but Mugabe de do anyhow, na dat one make dem soldier S do coup on Wednesday comot Mugabe. In fact, General Moyo wey be oga for Army do one video wey him warn people say make dem respect diasef o because who do anyhow go see anyhow.

This na d koko for Zimbabwe story

Major-General SB Moyo warn say who do anyhow go see anyhow

General Constantino, Oga for Zimbabwe Defence Force wey pursue Mugabe
Grace and Robert Mugabe wey dem pursue

Emmerson Mnangagwa, the Vice Presido wey get mouth


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