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How Much Woman Suppose Spend For Just Wedding Makeup?


Evri woman wey get dream to marry go wan fine scatter on her special day – her wedding day. 

Apart from fine wedding gown, jewellery or even shoe, makeup na one of di main tin wey women dey use make diasef resemble queen on dia wedding day.

As wedding still be big business for Nigeria, pipo wey sabi rub pesin makeup well-well don turn makeup artistry to beta money maker. 

No be crime for woman to wan fine wella for her wedding day but how much she suppose budget if she wan resemble mami water on her big day?

Top Nigerian Makeup Artist and Beauty Influencer, Jide St.Ola tok say di least amount wey any woman suppose spend for her wedding makeup na 300,000 naira ($830) but im dey even charge pass dat amount depending on wetin di bride want and how many hours im go work. 

“You fit still see some makeup artists wey go charge less dan 300,000 naira but if na me go do di makeup, na my last price be dat”, Jide tok.

Anoda makeup artist, Ben Isibor of BB’s Touch no gree wit wetin Jide tok. For Ben, she feel say some makeup artists dey over charge but anytin between 40,000 naira (110) to 80,000 naira (220) dey very okay for wedding makeup.

She add say if travel go dey involved, den di bride go need add transport moni join for her makeup artist.

“I no wan yab any makeup artist wey dey collect plenti moni but if na me dey marry, no matta as I take get moni reach, I no fit pay 300,000 naira for makeup. E beta make I use dat moni buy correct wedding gown”, Ben tok.

One sisi wey her name na Janada Dandy shout, put hand for head wen dem ask her weda she fit spend reach 500,000 naira on top makeup.

“Shey di makeup go stay for my face till I born my first pikin? Haba, e too much”, Janada tok. But her padi, Sharon Ezinwoke feel say if pesin pepper rest, den notin dey there to spend dat kain moni on top makeup.

Weda na 1 million naira ($2767) or na 50,000 naira ($138) any woman decide say she go pay for her wedding makeup, di koko for Janada and Sharon be say make di woman do di one wey her pocket fit carry and make she apply sense on top.


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