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How Shayo Fit Affect Your Mood


Different types of alcohol go affect your mood different ways, according to one big study wey dem do onto drinking and emotions matter.

Researchers talk say spirits fit make you vex, sexy or even cry and red wine or beer fit make you feel relaxed.

Dem ask nearly 30,000 people wey dey between di age 18-34 wey dey live for 21 different country.

Dem present dis dia research dem for di journal, BMJ Open.

All of dem don drink beer, wine and spirits and many of dem say all di type of alcohol get different effect on them.

Even though say you fit enjoy to drink, researchers dey hope say dia report go help show di dangers wey dey if you dey drink too much.

Angry attack dem

Small-small, people go dey start to drink more before dem fit ‘feel alright’.

But dem fit get negative ones too, na wetin researcher Prof Mark Bellis from Public Health Wales NHS Trust talk.

Di anonymous online survey, wey get people from newspaper and magazine, adverts and social media, come find say:

  • Red wine dey make people slow pass white wine
  • Relaxed feeling when dem drink red wine or beer 
  • 40% of di people say to drink spirit dey make dem feel sexy
  • Half of dem say to drink spirits dey give dem energy and confidence
  • But one out of three say dem dey violent when dem drink spirits
  • To drink spirit fit make you sick, violent and even cry pass other type of drinks
  • Na men dey feel violent with different types of alcohol pass women

Di research only show how drink dey make people feel, e no talk why.

Prof Bellis say where person dey drink alcohol na important mata wey di study also consider.

“Young people fit drink spirits when dem hang out, but na for house dem dey drink wine.



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