Home Feature “My Husband Wan Use Knacking Kill Me”

“My Husband Wan Use Knacking Kill Me”


One woman wey from Zimbabwe wey her name na Constance Muugani don run comot leave her husband wey him name na Fani Mumba say d man and knacking no be small.

The woman say na 6 hours wey d man de shine her congo everyday say d man wan kill am with knacking.

The man wey him age na 31 go court say him like him wife but she run leave am.

But the woman tell the court say the man no get job and na only to shine her Congo for 6hours everyday wey him sabi. She say him no even de pity her at all.

“I don too endure too much sex from this man. Na everyday him de shine my congo for 6 hours, in fact, my local government de always pain me every time wey him finish”, na so the woman talk.

She say she get job but d man no get say she don tire for the man and she no do again. She com tell d court say make dem carry her pikins dem give her say d man na yeyenatu.

But the man say him still like him wife say make dem help am so that she go gree com back.


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