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Iran: Woman Do 50 Surgery To Resemble Angelina Jolie


One fan wey like American actress Angelina Jolie don pack plenty followers for Instagram as dem dey follow her tori.

Wetin be di tori – well, she wan resemble di Hollywood star, and she dey do surgery make e arrange her face to look like Jolie own.

Sahar Tabar, wey be 22-year-old for Tehran, Iran, don get reach 380 thousand followers wey dey look as her face dey transform to resemble Jolie.

Her look complete wit di kain cat-eye Jolie get plus full lips.

But e get some of di picture wey dey even make person ask question like “wetin happen?”

Tori people for Belgium, Sud Presse, talk say Tabar don do reach 50 surgery plus say she lose up to 40kg for her weight, make she and Jolie resemble.

But some of her fans dey vex say na lie. Dem talk say Tabar get strong hand for make-up and na im she dey do, no be surgery.

As e be so, she get plenty selfie for her Instagram but some fans dey talk say make she chop better food.

Some people go do things to resemble people wey dem like and no be only she don do dis kain thing.

Dem get one guy for Brazil wey do surgery to look like Ken doll-baby.


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