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Meet Mansa Musa Of Mali, Di African King Wey Be Richest Man For History


Wen person dey think of people wey don make money pass for di world, you go fit call name like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Mark Zuckerberg even musician like Beyonce.

Even now, as Black Friday just pass, tori be say Amazon oga Jeff Bezos money just reach $100 billion.

But even as dat one dey, some people fit never hear of di name, Mansa Musa I of Mali.

Im be African king wey dey for 14th century and di tori be say im be di richest man wey don ever live for world.

Im rule di Mali Empire and im land get plenty natural minerals and plenty gold.

Wen dem look di money wey im suppose get, if to say Musa dey alive, e for don reach like $400 billion! Wit dat kind money, nobody wey dem don call for Forbes list of richest people go see Musa brake light.

Who be di man?

Im name be Musa Keita I, and dem born am around 1280s for Mali side.

Wen dem put crown for im head na 1312, and from dat time dey come dey call am “Mansa,” dat one be “king.”

Im dey in charge of plenty land, so tay person no fit use eye see all di land wey Mansa Musa get.

Di Djingareyber mosque na one of be correct mosque wey Mansa Musa build for im time and e still dey ground till now

Di size of im land and di place wey im dey rule be areas wey from Mauritania, Senegal, Gambia, Guinea, Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger, Chad plus Nigeria.

Plenty of di mosque wey Mansa build still dey for ground today.

How dem hear say im dey very rich…

Di tori be say im do pilgrimage go Mecca as per im be Muslim.

Na wen im travel go, na so people come see say im get money.

Di kind things wey im carry make people just dey open mouth say “wawu!” as im caravan get up to 60,000 men; inside dat one im get 12,000 personal servant wey wear fine cloth.

Mansa Musa bin dey on top horse but na 500 servant dey im front and dem dey carry gold walking stick and di 80 camels im get dey carry 136 kg of gold.

Wit all di things im get, im no stingy and na so people come dey hear about di king well-well.

Even as e no get di kind technology wey people dey use to make money, Musa rich sotay dem put im face for map

Dat travel wey di king make, allow people see say Mansa Musa get plenty gold and say Mali na rich country – na im country dem for Europe wey no get money come see say na true, say im get riches.

Im money plenty sotay dem put am on top map of di world for 1375 (Catalan Atlas) – dat map for dat time be one of di most important world maps for Old Europe.

After im be king for 25 years, Mansa Musa die for 1337.

Many of di things wey im do, still dey for ground and how im use im riches to build Mali plus library and school be tori wey still be part of Mali and Africa history.


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