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NAFDAC Neva Hear Of Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder Wey Fit Cause Cancer


Agency wey dey in charge of food and drug mata for Nigeria say dem no dey allow product wey get asbestos enta di kontri.

Dis dey come afta tori pipo Reuters release investigate wey say Johnson & Johnson Talc baby powder product get asbestos inside wey dey cause lung disease and cancer.

Johnson & Johnson don already tok say di tori no true, and dem say di Reuters report dey “false and one-sided as di baby powder dey safe and asbestos free”. 

But NAFDAC Director for Pharmacovigilance and post marketing, Ali Ibrahim tok say di “agency go sharp eye for di mata as dem no dey aware of di case.”

“E good as dem bring di info come our attention. As e be so, we go begin investigate if dis powder product dey good.”

Wetin be asbestos and which kain disease e fit cause?

Asbestos na chemical wey dey inside ground.

For Africa, most of di roofing sheet wey pipo wey dey build house dey use, na asbestos dem use do am.

According to WHO, to expose bodi to asbestos no good for human being as e fit cause sickness wey dey affect di lungs, wey fit make di lungs begin swell and also cause lung cancer.


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