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Naija People Share Wetin Their Eye Don See For Inside Danfo


Good morning my people, how una dey! Today no be work day so I know say many of una go still dey bed.

Anyways, wetin we wan talk about this morning na wetin people eye don see inside bus, danfo, Keke, molue… You understand now, as dem dey go work, office, class, school, and different different places…

Na on top twitter dem first table this matter and plenty people talk many funny tori of wetin don happen to dem.
You no go believe some of dem because dem too funny, some of dem go even make you vex, like say make you dey dere.

Read tori for down:
@duchesskk One old man wey be like 40 something years say make I lap am from Obalende to Oshodi. Wen I tell am say I no fit, he say make I explain. I just burst laugh.

@tounsings E get one time during dat fuel scarcity, I enter one bus. The conductor collect big money because fuel no dey, I no talk. E con go pass one corner wey no align with my bus stop. I tell am say hin must give me money to carry bike go my bus stop, e no gree…na so I grab hin shirt wan push am down for express… Quick quick, the guy beg, give me change.

@freered_ I enter bus one time, and I sit-down for edge, na so conductor just dey use hin d*ck dey rub my hand.

@duchesskk Na so I seat down for front one day, driver dey touch my laps, dey talk say hin think say na gear… Till today, I no dey sit-down for near driver again.

@mhagayr I enter bus from Apapa to Cms, and person thief my gala.

@deolaaj e get one day wey I hurry enter bus, as I enter back, sit-down and bus move, na so I hear mehhh… 3 goat dey my back. Make I no talk too long, dem lick my neck.

@casper_venice Na so I enter bus one day, I sha dey see say people no gree sit-down for back, na so I carry my big head go back… Wetin I see shock me… 2 German Shepard! The dogs con dey smile for me… I wan piss for body.

@kankross I enter bus one day, na so this man come beg driver say hin no get money. I do good Samaritan, tell am say make e no worry, say I go pay. The man no even say thank you. We drop for ikeja, I go meet the man, the man just light cigar, blow smoke for my face.

@noraawolowo I enter bus wey dey go from Obalende to iyana ipaja. Na so people for the bus turn the bus to CAC church program o, dem even carry tambourine come, I con be like devil for inside the bus. Me I just plug ear piece dey hear gbedu

@feyisetan_ Na so I enter bus one day, one Alfa wey dey smell sit-down for my side, dey use body rub me. I shift tire, the man no gree… He con dey whisper for my ear say “intercourse”, con dey use hin hand do Wetin person dey do wen hin dey f*ck. I just dey read psalm 91 for my mind till I drop for Babcock.

@kingjimi_ one conductor slap me, I catch Apollo the second day! I no fit tell anybody for house wetin happen.

@pyjamasrich E get one day I dey go egbeda. As the driver dey speed, na so steering comot for hin hand. Everybody come down for next bus stop.

@brickzmusic Na so one woman wey get 2 pickin con sit-down beside me, she beg me say make I help am with money to complete her transport. I kuku give am N200 and for my front there, she use am buy gala. Wetin con vex me pass be say, she no give any of her two pickin.

@shameful_shem Na so one day I dey rush go work, I no see motor. Na so this Lexus ES350 park carry me and my padi …we tell am thank you o, na so as we wan drop, oga ask us for money.

@olurehmy I enter bus from ojuelegba to palmgroove. Na so I feel person hand dey touch my bress. Na so I slap the guy and everybody for bus sef yab am. The guy con drop. Only for me to reach palmgroove realise say my money don miss. No be bress hin press, na money hin carry.

Stories too much… Abeg share your tori make people laugh..


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