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My Pastor Tell Me To De Drink My Wife Piss But I Catch Am De Nack Her


Anthony Joel from Akwa Ibom state   wey don be mugu before share him story of how him de busy de drink him wife (Maria) piss for two years while him pastor de shine the congo.

D man say him go meet the pastor say him wan rich and get oyel job but him pastor say na small thing. Him pastor tell am say d only thing him need to do na to de drink him wife piss but make him no nack am. The man obey start to de drink piss even wen konji de do am.

But him wife and d pastor de always nack until d pastor wife catch dem. D man say him wife even get bele join.

Him say him provoke for the matter and na police wey him go tell. Him don pursue him wife comot for house to village wey him marry am.


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