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Tiger Nut Drink Fit Wake Up Your Sex Drive – Nutritionist


Sex drive wahala na one thing wey dey bring plenty palava between man and woman.

People wey sabi say e dey common dis days among young people pass as e no dey like before wen people think say na only old people wey dey suffer am, sake of say dia body don weak. Di mata dey very serious as many people wey get dis problem dey die in silence because say dem dey shame to talk am for outside.

But e get one drink wey dey common wey dey help people wey get dis kain problem.

Di ingredients sef no dey cost plenty money and person fit make am for house. Tiger nut. Hausa dey call am ‘Aya’, Yoruba dey call am ‘Ofio’ and Igbo dey call am ‘Aki Hausa’, and another name for am na Hausa groundnut.

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TIGER NUT MILK This milk is dedicated to all the fathers and Fathers to be. Juliana Osakue wey don study how to use normal plants take cure sickness, say true true, dis tiger nut dey work if dem prepare am well. She say nature don provide beta cure wey fit help people wey get dis kain man and woman wahala without any side effects.

Many people don testify say di juice of dis drink dey ginger dem well well aside di fact say e dey very sweet and e dey good for person health


Dem say to make dis drink na just to grind di tiger nut after e don soak overnight, with dates and coconut. Den sieve am to separate di juice from di chaff and voila! Di juice don ready.

Some people sef dey add ginger to spice am and dem testify say e dey work wella, but some people say na just ordinary drink.

Juliana tell BBC News Pidgin say di way wey people dey live nowadays and di kain food wey dem dey chop follow dey contribute for dis wahala as many food today, na soso sugar-sugar full am. Weda na beer and all dis fry-fry food like buns, puff-puff, meat-pie dem all na sugar e get and dis sugar no good for person body. So wen di body get too much sugar and no exercise, e go come weak and di man or woman no go fit do di duty wey e suppose do.

She come advise say, “if person reduce sugar, reduce anything wey contain sugar weda na meatpie or juice, even beer. If man fit comot for inside begin dey chop fruits and vegetable, e go help well well”.

She say, “na our culture for Nigeria dey cause shame but things don dey change now. E beta make person talk out say na wetin be im problem be dis so dat people wey get di solution go quick help. Many people dey get problem for family because of dis, but if dem talk out, people wey know am go fit help dem.”


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