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Why Child Marriage Dey Cost Nigeria Economy Problem


Child marriage dey block way for Nigeria to reach Demographic Dividend (DD). Dis na wetin di United Nations Population Fund talk.

DD na di level of economic growth wey fit happen if population of those wey dey work (15 to 64) plenti pass di population of those wey no dey work (14 and below).

Dr Mabingue Ngom wey be di Regional Director of UNFPA for West Central Africa sama warning say if kontris like Nigeria continue to dey allow small-small girls of 13 years and below dey enta marriage, di kontri no go fit reach Democratic Dividend.

“We suppose put our young girls for schools so dat if dem like, dem go get access to family planning wey go help dem make correct choice.

As long as we continue to marry dem at young age, dem go dey born 10 to 15 pikins wey fit cause Fistula”, Oga Ngom talk.

UNFPA say dem go continue to work wit religious and community leaders mostly for Northern Nigeria wia e dey common.

Ngom say dis fight no be di type wey dem fit leave for goment hand or international partners. E say evribodi go join hand to stop am.


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