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See How Much Ronaldo Say Make Madrid Pay Am or Hin Go Commot


This one na Ghen ghen like action film! Na wetin wan happen be dat for Madrid with the new tori wey just land from madrid dis evening.

According to wetin we hear, Real Madrid star, Cristiano Ronaldo don threathen the management of real madrid say if dem no double hin present salary, hin go commot from the club.
The new money wey Ronaldo dey ask for now na £36 million as hin yearly salary. Hin talk dis because of the money wey hin rival, Lionel Messi dey collect for Barca.
As at now, Ronaldo dey collect £18.6 million per year, and confirm reports talk say baba no dey satisfied with dat money and hin want like another £17 million on top, so the total go be like £35,6 million.
From wetin we gather, Messi dey collect better money especially with the new deal wey hin just sign. Na november 2016 Ronaldo sign hin last contract and the owner of Madrid don dey dribble am and he no gree better hin contract.

You think say Madrid go answer ronaldo?


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