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3 players wey FPL fans go swear for after dem fail to deliver for weekend


Game Week 9 for d English Premier League bin hold for weekend and some games go still hold today to wrap up game week 9.For some Fantasy Premier League, FPL lovers, d weekend no sweet for dem inside FPL, because say some players nor performThose players na

1. Jamie Vardy

This one ehn, na premium package of swear dem go give d guy. With how injury full Liverpool defense, people don think say hin go score, but o boy naso the guy go blank.

2. Jack Grealish

Dis wan ehn, you nor score, you nor assist?? You come collect yellow card again?? And you say make swear nor follow you?

3. Patrick Bamford

Dis one, e be like say na luck nor follow am come field when dem play Arsenal in Sunday, as hin hit bar, but FPL people no wan hear dat one, dem go still swear for am.Many people get am for team, and dem bin expect make e score


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