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Dis 3 tins go make you sabi guy wey nor sabi play ball


Street football na one tin wey you nor fit comot for Naija, as e dey boys bodi.

E sweet so tey you go see where guys go get a portion of land, and make post, and fill am to dey play ball dia.

But d beauty be say you go always see person wey nor sabi play ball dey always show face for field too.

E get 4 tins wen be say if you don see, you go sabi say dis one nor good.

1. To control ball na wahala

Give dem first pass dem nor go control am, dem go make excuse, and naso dem go dey make excuse for all d balls wey you give dem

Na lie, dem nor sabi play ball

2. Dem nor fit drop basic 10 yards pass

If dem pass to you, na punishment, because na pass wey be say you fit kill yourself 8f you try get to am

3 Na only back pass dem sabi give

To give back pass easy for dem, as dem nor want situation where dem go say dem spoil ball, so back pass dey sweet dem


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