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From Amaka Utd to Piano FC to Zebra FC, d tori of Manchester United


In d space of 2 years, Man United don get 3 nicknames, on top d wey dem perform for some games as e come relate United wetin happen one time or d other.

In 2018, dem collect Amaka United as dem disappoint under Jose Mourinho for some games, and na Amaka bin dey reign to dey disappoint dat time as oga Tuface Idibis talk for hin song.

In 2018 too, dem collect Piano FC, after dem lose give Tottenham hotspurs 2-0 and na dat time dem just sign dia piano man, Alexis Sanchez, wey use Piano sign in.

After dem collect anoda akpako for Crystal Palace hand for dia house on Saturday, 1-3 den collect Zebra Fc, as e follow enter on top dia Jersey wey get Zebra colour.

Which name Man Utd go get next???


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