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How Things Be For Champions League


Champions League: How Liverpool & Tottenham fit join Man City & Man Utd for last 16?

Hope still dey for Tottenham and Liverpool for di Champions League – but di thing go hard small.

E be like say na away goals fit save dem.

Dis na how dem go fit go through:


Afta dem beat Inter Milan 1-0 for Wembley on Wednesday, Mauricio Pochettino team climb enta second for Group B table.

Dem don pass Inter because dem get beta head-to-head record for dia last two matches – dem come pass di Italians on top away goals.

Spurs lose 2-1 to Inter for San Siro wen dem bin first meet for September. Dat wan na 2-2 on aggregate.

Dis mean say if dem finish level on points wit Inter, na dem go come go through.

So, Spurs go qualify if dia result for Barcelona na di same or beta pass Inter result for home to PSV.


Liverpool tori get comma.

Dem dey play at home to Napoli for dia final group game.

Dem gats win di match if dem wan move forward.

If dem win and Red Star Belgrade beat PSG, both Liverpool and Napoli go move through. Both if dem go get nine points to PSG eight, den di pesin wey finish on top go depend on di result for Anfield.

Na two ways wey Liverpool go fit take finish above Napoli – dem gats get 1-0 win or carri victory by two goals or more.

Di one way go easy for dem na 1-0 win. Di one wey go hard dem na if PSG draw for Red Star and Liverpool come win. Di Reds, PSG and Napoli go come get nine points.

Di team wey go move forward among di two of dem go depend on Napoli result for Anfield.

Group A

Atletico Madrid beat Monaco 2-0 for di last time. Also, Borussia Dortmund play draw 0-0 wit Club Brugge.

Atleti and Dortmund don move go last 16. If dem di two of dem finish level on points, Dortmund get beta head-to-head record to finish top of di group. Dem beat Atletico 4-0 for home, come lose 2-0 away.

Club Brugge don qualify for di Europa League knockout stage.

Group D

Galatasaray 2-0 loss for Lokomotiv Moscow last time, mean say by di time Porto host Schalke, both of dem don reach di last 16.

Group E

On Tuesday, 27 November, Bayern Munich beat Benfica 5-1 and Ajax win 2-0 for AEK Athens and di two winners don move go di knockout stage.

Bundesliga champions Bayern go top di group if Ajax beat dem.

Benfica take di consolation prize of a Europa League place and AEK Athens no get any point and go carri last.

Group F

Di 2-2 draw wey Manchester City get give dem chance to move go knockout stage and Pep Guardiola side go carri first for di group if dey no make Hoffenheim beat dem for dia final game.

Shakhtar Donetsk win for Hoffenheim don make tins tight for second spot, but di Ukrainian team go through if dem beat Lyon next month.

Hoffenheim go qualify for di Europa League if dem beat City and Lyon beat Shakhtar.

Group G

Di 2-0 win wey Real Madrid get for Roma carri dem put for top of di group, but di Italians don move to knockout phase afta CSKA Moscow chop beating from Viktoria Plzen.

CSKA wey dey bottom gatz pass Plzen result for di last game to get Europa League spot for dia place.

Group H

Juventus striker Mario Mandzukic and Manchester United midfielder Marouane Fellaini score di winning goals wey carri dia team go knockout stage.

United go top di group if dem beat Valencia – wey go enta di Europa League – for dia final game. 


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