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If you wan make any Arsenal fan vex dis weekend, talk dis 3 tins to dem


D English Premier League 2020/2021 season dey start tomorrow Saturday, and na Arsenal go open d door as dem dey travel go play Fulham for Craven Cottage.

Recently e be like say Arsenal fans don dey get mouth as dem win FA Cup and community shield, and if you just getting any friend or padi wey be Arsenal fan and you wan find dia wahala just talk this 3 tins to dem

1. Tell dem say Arsenal don lose dia first away matches for recent years and say tomorrow no go different

You dey tell dem say dem go lose to Fulham be dat, you don find trouble be dat

2. Tell dem say e easy to break record against Arsenal or use Arsenal Create Record

No try am ooo, slap fit hit your face if you dey beside d person. Dem no like to dey hear dis word

3. Tell dem say Mitrovic go see goal against dem tomorrow



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