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Na dis kind friends Arsenal fans need to keep for dis dia time of Problem


Arsenal FC, for EPL dem just dey behave like relegation team or team wey just come EPL.

Infact ehn, dia position for League na 15th, and na just 5 points dey separate den with d team wey dey number 18 position, dat is too say Arsenal currently dey battle relegation.

E for get worse if dem nor find something do, as dia next game na against Southampton wey dey form on Wednesday.

But we get food advice for dia fans, make dem keep some kain friends during this period, so dat depression wey Arsenal dey supply dem, nor go kill dem.

1. Jesus Christ

Omo, dem need Jesus right now ooo. Dis one nor be joke at all. Na Jesus Christ be d greatest friend wey dem fit keep now, because him for take dia pain away.

2. Friends wey get Money

Dem need friends wey get money as dem be like dis, because anything wey do dem, those friends go just dey use money spoil dem

3. Food Vendors

Dem need friends wey be food Vendors now, because as e dey like dis, dem need to dey chop well well



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