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”Odikwa #Risky”; Man U Use Rashford take destroy Chelsea bridge; Which contractor go fit repair d bridge now?


Man U show Chelsea say na Oga dem be as dem beat dem 1-2 for house for inside EFL Carabao Cup to take enter d Quarter final of d competition.

After d EPL opener wey Man U sama dem 4-0 for Old Trafford, Chelsea fans bin dey want revenge, even d players dem, but Man U show dem say no be by to dey use mouth as dem use Rashford as weapon to take Comot Chelsea for s competition.

Man u bin get penarity for first half after Marcos Alonso bin foul Daniel James, and Rashford no do yama yama as him take score d Penarity.

D game bin end for dat 0-1 for first half, but Chelsea bin eqaulize after Batman Batshuayi bin drive inside man u half for 3 defenders body to take place d ball inside net.

But Rashford wey be d hero for d night bin score free kick wey even d gods dem dey happy with, and dat goal bin separate d two teams for d night.


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