Home Sports Romelu Lukaku: Man United Don Gree £75m Price with Everton for Striker

Romelu Lukaku: Man United Don Gree £75m Price with Everton for Striker


Manchester United don gree price of around £75m with Everton for striker Romelu Lukaku, na wettin some ogas wey dey the club don yarn BBC.

The 24-year-old wey dey play for Belgium be tear net 25 times inside Premier League last season.

United, who don dey pursue Lukaku for most of the summer, don yarn say dem no wan buy Alvaro Morata from Real Madrid again.

Some ogas for Everton dey yarn say deal never shele for their side. Lukaku waka no follow for the waka of Wayne Rooney to enter Everton.

United dey reason say the deal go finish sharp sharp so Lukaku go follow the team waka go our pre-season journey go United States for Sunday. Lukaku name be dey the list wey Jose Mourinho be give vice-chairman Ed Woodward before last season be end.

People be dey reason say na hin former club Chelsea hin go waka enter back. Hin be join Chelsea from Anderlecht for 2011 and Jose Mourinho wey be oga for Chelsea for 2014 be sell to Everton for £28m. Lukaku na customer for Mino Raiola wey be agent for Paul Pogba, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Henrikh Mkhitaryan- we be sign these three players last season.

Lukaku Numbers

  • The two goals wey hin be score against Hull City for March, make am the first Everton player since Gary Lineker for 1985-86 to tear net 20 times inside one season;
  • Na hin be the fourth player to tear net pass 80 times inside Premier League before hin reach 24 (Michael Owen, Robbie Fowler and Wayne Rooney sef be do am);
  • Hin don tear net pass any other Everton player inside Premier League history (68);
  • Hin join for only three players wey don tear net pass 10 times inside the last five Premier League seasons (Giroud and Aguero na the other two people).


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