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See Dis 9ja computer genius wey discover new way to treat eye problems


Bashir Isa Dodo na Naija born computer genius wey dey do hin doctorate degree for Brunel University for London, na Dodo bin win d university Dean Prize for person wey make impact and do innovation for 2020.

D Naija man profile show say hin be Computer Scientist and assistant Lecturer for department of Mathematics and Computer Science for inside Umaru Musa Yar’adua university for Northern Nigeria bin also win d vice chancellor’s prize for Doctoral research.

Dodo bin create equipment wey fit segment images wey form for d retina inside d eye into distinct layers.

D technique as tori yarn say d way dey separate d retina make e be 7 layers and that one dey make am easy to take diagnose wetin dey do eyes, and e go helep save d eyes of pipo wey get problem.

Dodo dey do hin PhD for Computer Science for Brunel University for London.


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