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3 tins wey Naija Lecturers no go fit follow Benefit boys reason when school resume


Since March wey Naija higher Institutions don close because of Corona and ASUU for d Universities dem.

For dis lockdown period naim some boys come out start to claim Benefit boys, and dis benefit boys ehn, dem get rank oo

E be like say dia association strong wela, shey na benefit boy wey do giveaway for Assembly, and principal win 50 k?? O boi d rank no be here ooo.

And as higher Institutions go resume ehn, benefit boys go full each schools, and e get some kain tins wey lecturers no go fit get mind follow dem yarn at all, make e for not lost.

The things wey Lecturer no go fit tell Benefit boy na

1. Comot dat earpiece for your ear or comot for dis class

As dis 3 elders dey look, e don show say Lecturer self no go wan try am oo. With Benefit boys?? Odikwa risky

2. Why you dey come my class late??

Dat kind talk ehn, 😂😂, d lecturer self know say if hin talk am, make e just enter d floor. If not, kasala go burst

3. If you misbehave for my class, you go carry dis course

Dat talk no be for benefit boys at all, because if e happen, and dia Chairman hear am, lecturer self go knee down beg las las.


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