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Full Gist of Why Prisca and Yomi Dey Trend This Public Holiday

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E don catch everybody by surprise as we wake up to one gist wey dey make Prisca and Yomi to dey trend.

Wetin happen be say one babe wey be Priscilla Jim na him everybody dey call Prisca, she come Twitter come yarn us about wetin been happen to between her and her Bobo.

Face of Priscilla Jim wey dey para say Yomi dey follow another babe Prisca of 3 years and him still dey follow am since 7 months now.

She been don dey follow the guy for 7 months now and she just catch the guy wey everybody been call Yomi say him don get another babe wey he don dey parole since 3 years.

For inside her tweets wey wey go update for her soon now, she talk say she dey check person Instagram na him she find the picture wey cast Yomi.

Where this matter dey sweet boys for Twitter na say the other babe wey Yomi don follow be dey hear Prisca too and na the same name the two of them wey him dey follow dey bear.

Based on wetin she don talk before about men wey dey cheat with another women, people don carry the tweets comot and many people don dey chuck mouth for her matter.



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