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When Coro don go, na how you fit tell your oga say you still wan dey work for house be dis


Dis Coronavirus wey enta we world dis year don cause make pipo dey work for house and e come be like say make pipo dey work for house make sense wela.

But even as working for house fit work, when dis Coro finally go, or when e don reduce wela and everywhere don dey okay, some people go still got dey go office, but na way wey you fit make your Oga sabi say to work for house still dey do you.

Na d way be dis 👇🏿

No go dey use force do am: no go dey do am wit force, say you go dey gang up with d pipo wey you dey work with on top your oga

No do am alone: dis wan mean say you suppose Involve pipo wey be your senior make you and am partner to give una oga solution wey go benefit both you and d company.

No make am personal: make u do your proposal for way wey be say no be about your interest, but for way wey be say your staying for house go still dey favour d company wela.

You fit tell us wetin you think ,or your own idea after your read am.


  1. 😂😂.. Nice idea but me no go fit tell my boss say I wan work from home o. I suppose dey office almost all the time


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