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Win 200,000 Naira For The 3CHub Games Festival Wey Dey Happen Dis 2018


Shey you sabi play game wella? Abi you dey play FIFA wella? Shey you go wan win 200,000 Naira for the 3CHUB Games Festival? Oya continue dey read.

Betta smartphone and accessories retailer wey dem sabi wella, 3CHub don anounce say dem get plans make dem host the 3CHub Games Festival wey go allow pipo wey sabi play game make dem win moni reach 200,000 Naira.

How you go fit win dis 200,000 Naira for the 3CHub Games Festival

1. Make you Share this post to your friends

2. Register and make you log into http://bit.ly/3CHubGamesFestival

When you don visit dis website, all you go need to do na to type your email address, name and phone number and make you choose where you go want make dem test for any of the 3cHub stores wey dem list for the form.

Make you drop a comment wen you don finish and dem send you done acknowledgement email.

Oya na Goodluck as 3CHub don ready to crown the King of FIFA for Nigeria for the 3CHub Games Festival its hosting.


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