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You don see this Ghanaian magic tree? E dey turn to human being for night to protect people


Mpeni Kofi na tree for Ghana wey get one kain tori wey e b like say dem never confirm, but e be like say truth dey d mata.

D tree na over 300 years, and you fit see d tree for Akporong, wey dey Eastern region of Ghana.

One local media report say d tree dey turn to Human being for night to take protect d people of Akuapem.

As 2 chiefs for d town, Nana Addo Kwataa & Osae Adade yarn give GhanaWeb;

“D tree name na Mpeni Kofi, hin cloth na white cloth, we no see am as tree, but we see am as person wey hold us and person wey dey lead us” oga Nana yarn.

“Na signal e be, when we bin go war, we bin trace am and we come sabi say na house we bin dey go. 300 years ago, when pur forefathers dem bin come, dem see am and he get use for dem and na wetin our generation don dey worship, and we dey worship am till today” oga Nana add.

According to Chief Osae Adade;

“All d house wey surround am, d roots wey d tree get, dey under dem, d houses dem dey water am, and dem get sometin wey special wey dem dey do for am”

” Na security man e be too, na tall man, and when we dey sleep, e dey go around d town dey protect us”


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