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Valverde Deny Say Hin Get Issue With Suarez


Barça Oga, Ernesto Valverde don come out con defend Luiz Suarez, wey vex commot for field wen Valverde substitute am commot for Barça game wey dem win 2-0 on Saturday against Malaga.

For dat game, you go see am clearly say Suarez dey vex gaan wen for 83 mins, coach substitute am commot. The guy no even gree shake the coach as e dey commot pitch.
Suarez, wey be 30 years, don first miss one clear chance to score and if you don dey follow hin last few games, he don drop gaan as na only one goal hin don score for 5 matches.
“Suarez dey ambitious and hin no like make dem substitute am commot. Na everybody like to play full game, normal. So I no see any problem for this matter. This na the 3rd game wey hin dey play be dis for 6 days and hin dey get plenty chances. Na dat one dey important ” Valverde talk for post match conference


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