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Wetin Dey Cause Hardship For Africans To Travel For Africa?


Aliko Dangote eye don dey red for di wahala wey im waka inside Africa dey give am. E tok say e need 38 visa to travel around im own continent.

Di plan, according to the African Union, na say for 2018 evri African go fit enta any African kontri wey dem like without say dem need visa at all.

But till now, na only Seychelles dey allow any African citizen fit enta dia kontri, as dem don always dey do.

Latest report wey AU release show say na only 22% of oda African kontris any African fit enta without visa.

Dis mata don dey cause wahala (like xenophobia) for African kontris wey get beta economy even though all di policy makers don gree say visa free travel na di only wey make economy blow for di region.

So, wetin dey cause free travel not to happun?

One South African travel blogger wey dem dey call Katchie Nzama tok say, “our leaders dey do yeye waka to protect borders wey na colonial masters put for ground.”

She visit 35 kontris out of di 55 for Africa. Na di only tin wey dey cause am? Make we check.

Double standards?

South Africa na dem get di double standards wey dey show pass for Africa, as dem dey more welcoming of pipo from different parts of di world dan from inside Africa.

Na only 15 kontris for Africa fit enta South Africa without visa, but 28 kontris for Europe get free entry to South Africa.

di numbers dey show di percent of African citizens wey need visa

South Africa tok-tok pesin for di Department of Home Affairs, Thabo Mokgola dey fight for dia policy.

E tell BBC say na two hands dem dey use clap on top di visa mata, “visa waiver agreements dey on a do-me-I-do-you basis and we dey arrange wit some African kontris.”

But kontris like Kenya dey give South Africans dem visa on arrival for free but Kenyans wey dey go South Africa dey apply for visa, pay service fee and wait for five working days before dem waka go.

In 2015, two years after di African Union order dia members agree to comot visa application wahala for all Africans by 2018, South Africa do u-turn begin announce rules wey make hard wey many condemn.

Di recession and tourist wey don reduce make di kontri change dia mind and announce say dem go make am easy for pipo to travel come dia kontri wit hope say dis go helep dia economy.

Lack of African passport

Aliko Dangote bin complain for interview for 2016 say, “pesin like me, wey get di kain business wey I get, need 38 visas to dey travel for Africa.”

E bin dey front of line for pipo wey collect di African passport wey bin comot for 2016 wey suppose replace passport from kontris from Africa. But now na only head of states, senior diplomats plus top AU oga dem. 

While Namibia, Mauritius, Ghana, Rwanda, Benin and Kenya dey do visa on arrival or go allow enter for three months with only passports, you still need visa to enter pass half di kontris.

While e dey easy to travel within regions like Economic Community of West African states, e dey hard if pesin wan from East Africa to West Africa to do am without wahala.

AFP/BBCWen dem release di first batch of African Passports for 2016

E expensive like mad

Anoda wahala to travel for Africa na flights no common to dey travel from region to region, and di ones wey dey cost well-well.

Kenya travel blogger, Winnie Rioba tok say to travel from Kenya go Namibia na di same price as to go Thailand, and e cheap pass to go Dubai from Nairobi dan to go Morocco.

And dis one no even include cost for visa. Ms Rioba tok say dem charge am $90 for visa to Djibouti wen e cost only $75 dollars for Schengen visa wey go give pesin access enta 26 European states.

Businesswoman, Funmi Oyatogun try help Nigerians travel for Africa afta she create map to show wia e go easy pass for Africa make Nigerian go:

“Di focus na make we fit make trave for Africa easy for Africans”, na wetin she tok about her start up wey she call TVP Adventures.

Di support to comot visa for Africans to travel for Africa get very plenti support but as di year 2018 don dey waka pass, e be like say dat one no go eva happun.

And to travel go Yankee or Jand fit sweet pipo for belle dan to travel Africa.

Because as Aliko Dangote tok am, “Dem (Africa kontris) dey give visa as if na favour dem do you.”


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