Home Pidgin Entertainment Why Rapper Cardi B Surrender Herself Give Police Afta Strip Club Fight

Why Rapper Cardi B Surrender Herself Give Police Afta Strip Club Fight


US Rapper, Cardi B don surrender hersef give police wey dey investigate one fight wey dem say happun for one strip club.

Di New York City Police Department tok say di charges dey ground for di singer and rapper.

Cardi B and Nicki Minaj: Why Di US Rappers Wan Do blow-me-I-blow-you For New York Party

Dem claim say one attack happun for Angels Strip Club for Queens area of New York.

Report come out say nine oda pipo don tok to officers about di mata.

E neva still dey clear exactly how Cardi B take dey involve for dis fight wey happun on 29 August and wey concern two sisters wey dey work as bartenders for di club.

Confusion dey ground about which role Cardi B fplay for dis gbege, some pipo dey claim say she plan di attack – odas say di fight just happun all of sudden afta quarrel on top relationship.

All dis dey happun afta rapper Nicki Minaj last month tok say she dey embarrass afta she dey involve for one kasala wit Cardi B.

Two of dem set blow for New York Fashion Week party and Cardi B later tok say wetin cause di gbege na because Nicki go make comment about her parenting.

Nicki bin judge her part for One radio show say: “E dey so sad for someone to pin dis on top my head, because I be di bad guy and know say pipo go believe dem.”


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