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Zambia Talk Say Dem No Wan Use Eyes See Sex Doll


Even as many African countries dey hustle how dia container of sex doll go land dia country so that dem go fit make plenty money on top the business, Zambia talk say dem no wan see the thing for eye.

Zambia dey wage serious war against sex dolls, sote dem talk say if dem catch am with anybody, dem go send am go prison. Dem talk say because the doll no be real person, na “very unnatural” something.
“Nobody dey sell am for open, and nobody fit talk am laud say hin get one… na the reason why dem never see anybody catch” one report talk.
The government start this serious campaign last month. Because of all the wahala wey dey ground on top this matter, e don top number one news wey everyone dey talk about everywhere.
“Because we be Christian country, na wetin christianity teach us we dey follow.” Minister of National Guidance and Religious Affairs talk, Godfridah Sumali talk.
To dey use and sell sex doll na offense for Zambian law so dem no go let anybody buy am or use am for Zambia and dem ready for anyboy wey try to bring am in.


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